February 2016 News Letter From Ucu (pseudonyms and abbreviations are used for protection in this report from an Asian country)

Praise and thanksgiving to the Lord Jesus Christ, because of God’s guidance and leading many things happened in my own ministry. The activities that I’ve been done in the month of February 2016 are:

  1. Mission activities through tutoring in Setcha Rolla Village. There are 18 children who participate in tutoring in my own village.
  2. Teaching the Bible in Tena Poro Vocational School. There are 7 people who actively participate in Bible study every Saturday at 7:30.
  3. Teaching the Bible to children in Sepha Puna home schooling. All the students are Sudanese and they are in their 2nd year of high school.

Prayer Requests

  1. Pray for the learning activities in Setcha Rolla Village, that through this activity the Lord will open the way for the families and the community in the village to hear the Gospel message and believe in Jesus Christ, especially pray for my own parents so that they would believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  2. Pray for male and female students in Tena Poro Vocational School, that they will truly know the Lord because they don’t understand at all about their Salvation even though their families’ background is Christian.
  3. Pray for the students in Sepha Puna home schooling that these Sudanese children can be used by God to serve their families who still do not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Most of these students come from the same family problems through their parents’ divorce.