“And now, Lord,   look upon their threats and grant to your servants to continue to speak your word with all boldness…” 

Acts 4:29

The past three months have been among the most difficult time in the history of the church since its constitution in 1998. In fact, after the blessing of the conferences held in April with brother Paul Washer and Pastor Alan Dunn, we had to pass through the deep waters of several and various kind of trials, even though the Lord continued to show his mercy and to bestow in many ways his blessing upon the church in Caltanissetta and the church planting work in Comiso.

On the other hand, people from several parts of Italy are calling and asking for advice and counsel because their desire is to see even in their area a church where the same truths are proclaimed and the same worship practiced. We have seen a great increase in the number of people that follow our streamed services on YouTube and download our broadcasted sermons from SermonAudio. A new couple joined the church and another immigrant from Nigeria (Bartholomew) is faithfully attending our meetings.

However, regretfully, after many unheeded admonitions, counsel and exhortations, as well as much patience and prayer from our side, we had to start a process of discipline for two members of the church. These are very sad experiences and we ask the prayers of the people of God so that, if possible, the offenders may repent and, if not, they would be kept from any scandalous act against the church and its leaders.

Continue to pray for us. The victory is certain, but the battle is hard.