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Covid lockdowns have been discouraging to pastors and members of even the most mature churches. Months without in-person ministry and fellowship takes a toll. Now, imagine being a fairly new church-planting pastor in the early stages of a church’s life, and all ministry momentum is suddenly halted as in-person meetings are banned and virtual ministry is limited by a lack of technology. This has been the trial of so many church-planters supported by HeartCry. In Pastor Hendrik’s latest report from a township in Johannesburg, South Africa, one can easily hear his enthusiasm as the church is finally allowed to gather again.

“The past two weeks have been a great motivation in my spiritual life. I was a bit nervous about how the re-opening of the church would turn out after such a long time without in-person fellowship with others. My heart is stirred and I am encouraged to continue serving God, for He has shown His faithfulness in my calling for His mission. 

Hendrik Building

The first Sunday of the re-opening was a great motivation because we had 18 people in attendance. The young man who was the earliest was rewarded with the gift of a Bible. We were also in awe of God’s grace as one of the visitors professed faith in Jesus Christ on the same day. Moreover, on the second Sunday of in-person meetings, after the service, the whole church went to the streets of Duduza to spread the gospel, while giving away donated veggies, as well as the masks. Everyone was so excited to be back at church and the fellowship was epic. We are thankful to God for such a great time.

Hendrik Evangelism 1
Street evangelism in Duduza

Prayer requests

  • Please pray with us as we trust God for more new converts.
  • Pray for genuine commitment from all members.
  • Pray for unity and strength for my family in serving the Lord.
  • Pray for more laborers who will be willing to share the burden of ministry. “
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Sister Paula

Sister Paula