It is my warm greeting to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We all are fine and I hope that you too are fine in His grace. I am glad to write of the work of the Lord concerning the God who is leading us in truth.

In the grace of God the weekly church services and cottage meetings are going well. During November we were able to celebrate Reformation Day-this is our second year of celebration. On this occasion we had a conference for two days. Pastor Silas taught about 5 Solas (Scripture Alone, Grace Alone, Faith Alone, Christ Alone and Glory to be the Glory). Along with this, he told us about the dark age of church history and the boldness of Luther to bring the reformation. He also taught about John Calvin’s TULIP. It was great teaching which led me to trust more on God and live according to His will. From this teaching all the pastors and elders and youth were blessed and we were thankful to God.

I am also thankful to God and also to Pastor Steve for teaching us New Testament Survey. In this conference I learned the authors of books, dates, purposes, outline of the books, and the preaching and application from the books. He also taught about the attack of churches from false teaching and the great defense of apostles and his fellow workers. Pastor Steve also told us about the present situation concerning false teaching and our responsibility to protect the churches and at same time to lead them in the truth. It was awesome teaching for me and as well as to all the leaders.

I am grateful to God for giving us His truth and helping us to believe it and follow it. I would like to thanks HeartCry for your great help to lead us in deeper truth of the gospel. Also thanks for your prayer and love. God may bless you and may help you to lead us towards true teaching and to extend His kingdom.

Prayer Requests: Please pray for us that we may get more teaching in coming days from HeartCry. Pray for all the leaders that we may grow in the true doctrines and lead the church in His teaching. Pray for the churches of Nepal that they may also see and able to get His truth.

Sincerely, Chandra R.