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Dear brothers and sisters.

The Harvest
My wife has been learning to plant tomatoes these last months. Every time we went to see the allotment, the crows stole the seeds, the weed was growing over or the insects were eating the plants or veggies! Praise God that we are learning the process, and now we could harvest tomatoes and carrots, cucumbers, and corn. It is incredible how we can get better at planting seeds and persevering until the harvest. Let’s ask God to bless us with harvest, saving more people, and that we will also improve in our prayer life, knowledge, and sharing of the gospel, so in His time, we will see His harvest.

Japanese Lady
We have been building a friendship and sharing the gospel with an elderly Japanese lady. She sometimes listens and also sometimes rejects and questions the Bible verses. Some weeks ago, a family member told us to go and check on her because she was not answering the phone. When we arrived, we found out she was not able to walk because of a stroke. We took her to the hospital, and they stabilized her with medicines. She stayed hospitalized for a couple of weeks, and last week she was sent home. The doctors told us to prepare because she can have a stroke again at any time. In the same way, they told us to prepare earthly logistics; we ask you brothers to pray to praise God for granting her more days of life and to pray to God to change her heart and bring her to salvation.

New Couple
Praise the Lord that a Peruvian Japanese lady found Christ through our sharing of the gospel. She came to our church desperate for prayer and counseling because her father was very ill at the hospital. Our Lord answered our prayers, and her father left the hospital also some weeks ago on the road to recovery. So we used the opportunity not just to encourage her but also we confronted her with the gospel. In the beginning, she didn’t want to listen about it, but after she said: “After listening to all these bible verses, I realize that I am on my way to hell if God judges me now, what should I do.” Since then, she and her husband are coming to bible studies, church and we continue sharing the gospel with them. Please pray for all the family to come to repentance, faith, and that all the church will rejoice seeing the fruits of salvation.

God is working
A Peruvian man I have been sharing the gospel with for eight years recently asked me to pray so he can have the humility to surrender to our God and that his mind will acknowledge Christ as Lord and that he will start to love him. So we thank God for beginning to take the blindfold from this man and for salvation.

Thank you always for your prayers, encouragement, and support.

God bless,