Emiliana was my aunt. She used to hate us because she was Catholic and did not like our zeal for Christianity. Her husband is a well-known witch doctor and is very respected. Some time ago, she became sick and they found cancer in her liver. Some charismatic groups came to her house and did their rituals and supposedly cast out the demons and declared her healed. But her health continued to get worse. 

I decided to go to her house and arrived one Sunday evening. I found her in her bed very agitated. She was in a lot of pain and her stomach was very, very swollen. I asked her if I could read God’s Word to her and she told me that it was fine for me to do so. The first thing I told her was that her greatest problem was not her cancer. She became upset. I told her that her greatest problem was her sin and that if she did not repent of her sin and ask God for forgiveness, the wrath of God abides on her.

I then opened the Scriptures and began to read to her. I noticed that she began to get calm. She seemed to have peace. I prayed with her and told her that she should call upon the Lord and ask Him to forgive her for her sins. Her countenanced changed. She told me that she believed in God. We began to talk about how for the person who is trusting in Jesus, to die is gain and it is a blessing. If I die in Christ, I go to be with Christ.

Later, she said that she was hungry and she asked for some tamales and coffee. She ate and drank, we prayed together, and we said goodbye. The next day they drained the fluid in her stomach and the following evening she passed away. 

Her family members asked me to conduct the funeral service and burial. I was able to preach to many family members and neighbors in each of the services. Now we are praying for the salvation of Emiliana’s husband, the witch doctor. Please join us in praying for him and for their children and other family members.

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Outreach in Zizin

Outreach in Zizin