Dear the Board of HeartCry

Because of the missionary work of the lost and the establishment of the local Church of God, I am grateful to God you have been praying for us that the Gospel of salvation may be revealed to all. Not only that, but you support our family financially so we can serve God. Thank you very much.

In May, I read a document that had I read many years ago titled

“The Spirit of the Need”


by E.M. Bounds on Prayer. When reading this document I had more desire to pray to God. When thinking about missions and when thinking about building Church, prayer is needed.

We recently set up prayer for two different places, one at 8 pm at (Unnamed District, Ed.) and another at 10 am on Thursday in (Unnamed District, Ed.). We pray for the work of evangelization, for the Church, for the family, and for the country. The work of the Lord is progressing very well, but what I am concerned about is that that the believers who are poor people must be taught daily to live by faith and on the other hand I am to help them and visit whenever they are ill. Please pray that the believers will learn to live by faith, trusting God for the resources that are needed for their lives.

God bless,

Chi G.