Greeting to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Dear saints, it is my privilege to report what the Lord has done through me.

Ministry Activities

Before partnering with the HeartCry, the Reformed Churches of Nepal were living like the time in the book of Judges in the OT where everyone did what was right in their own eyes. We had no sound doctrine and had no right system in the churches and no idea where to go for help. Though I had zeal and did hard work for the Lord, I was without sound doctrine and a proper theological system. It is my joy to give thanks to God and also to HeartCry for providing sound teaching over and over which is helping me to understand the word of God. That is how I am growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

I am doing ministry in a mountain area, which is a remote region. I am shepherding the flocks in two different places (Karandara and Shiluwa). I have been preaching to these local churches and doing house-to-house fellowship. Besides pastoral ministry, I also have a burden to evangelize the unreached people groups. A month ago our local church made an evangelist work at a place called Ghorikharkha. It was our privilege to reach out to this people group who lives in this very remote area. The Lord has given 15 people to be in contact with and we are reaching this location to help the souls of the people. They are interested to listen the word of God and God, in His mercy, is opening the door in this place.

Recently, I traveled to a place in Simaldara which took 4 hours to reach by foot. There is no access by bus or car to reach this place and is difficult to reach even by motorbike. The roads have bends and it is an adventure to reach this place, but the Almighty God has given us the privilege to reach this location and two families are interested in hearing the word of God.

Recently I met a lady who used to be a teacher. However, she was going to school and she had an accident and was injured and crippled. Because of this she lost her hope and always asked for poison from her village people and from her house members in order to commit suicide. I shared the truth of the gospel with her and the eternal hope in Jesus Christ because of the forgiveness of our sins. Now she reads the Bible and is willing to hear teaching again. May God use her for His glory.

When I was Buddhist I was very selfish but God called me and changed my heart. I got encouragement from the Lord to love my country because they are dying without the Gospel. As Nehemiah loved his people and worried for Jerusalem, I have great burden for my own people. I hope the Lord will lead me for His kingdom. Because of God’s grace He is enabling me to do His work, and I would like to give thanks to my Almighty God for His great help and also want to give thanks to HeartCry for prayer, encouragement, support, and true teaching. This helps me to grow more in God and to establish a biblical church.

Prayer Request

  • Please pray for me that God lead me to do His work faithfully.
  • Pray for the sister who is crippled; let God give her more comfort and grow in His grace.
  • Pray for those new people we have contacted that they may come to know Christ’s saving work.

Sincerely, Gary G.