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Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ from the land of Nepal. I am very excited to report about the work the Lord did in the recent RBS training in March. As we all know, the virus has made everything difficult for many people. I was concerned about this and feared that we would not be able to go through this Module on the Gospel of John. But in spite of all the circumstances, God helped, and we were able to sit under the word of God together and study the Gospel of John. Praise God! Even Pastor John, who traveled from the United States, was able to fly back to his home safely. 

Doug Rbs Training

Altogether, we had 27 sessions, 6 sessions per day (except last day). It is not easy to stand and teach 6 sessions every day, but by the grace of God, Pastor John was able to persevere and teach us. We appreciated his hard work. We had his lecture notes already translated in Nepali, which helped our men to follow. The first four sessions were on introductory material, and why the Gospel of John is different from the synoptic gospels. Then Pastor John proceeded to chapter one, which he made very clear that chapter one is the foundation of the rest of the book. We were not able to cover all the chapters of this Gospel because lack of time, but the chapters we covered, we examined its literary, historical, and theological themes. We were able to learn the seven “I AM” statements, the upper room discourse, and chapters 14-16 regarding the Holy Spirit. The doctrine of the Holy Spirit is deep theology, but we were able to learn the truth in an exegetical way. Our men were encouraged and blessed by the teaching. Pastor John showed us things in the Gospel of John that we had never seen before. It was very helpful for us to study this book. Our men also took three quizzes. As we have discovered, it is very helpful to take a quiz, as it encourages us to continue to read, think, and memorize what was taught in the class. 

Taking Rbs Quiz

We have finished six modules now with RBS. All the modules have been very helpful for us. They have helped our men be able to grasp and studying in a more academic way. Not only are they growing in the truth, but it also helps them to be more useful in their ministry as they are teaching these truths, which helps the local church grow in a sound, biblical way. These RBS trainings have been very encouraging, edifying for our men, and useful for the building of more strong churches in Nepal. We highly appreciate all the professors coming and teaching us thus far, we highly appreciate the RBS team for your partnership in sending these professors, and finally, we highly appreciate HeartCry Missionary Society for your support and prayers for this gospel work in Nepal. Ultimately, God alone receives all the praise and Glory!

In Him,