Dear brothers and sisters,

We want to thank you for praying for us, and your support for the conference in November. “Biblical Preaching” was the theme of this conference, and through it, we learned about how to prepare to preach biblically.

We thank God for their willingness of the speakers to take time away from their families to labor among us. These brothers did a good job teaching us how to approach a biblical text/book to preach out of it, for the glory of God.

This course covered three days of study:

  1. A Charge to Handle the Word Rightly
  2. The Story-line of the Bible Session
  3. From Text to Pulpit – An Overview of the Sermon Prep Process Session
  4. Interpretive Principle: Context [Teaching]
  5. Session 5: Q & A Session


  1. Interpretive Principle: Context [Group Activity] Session
  2. Interpretive Principle: Content [Teaching] Session
  3. Interpretive Principle: Content [Group Activity] Session
  4. Interpretive Principle: Big Idea [Teaching] Session
  5. Q & A Session


  1. Interpretive Principle: Big Idea [Group Activity] Session
  2. Constructing the Sermon: Skeleton & Flesh Session
  3. Delivering the Sermon Session
  4. Improving Your Preaching (Sermon Feedback and More) Session
  5. Q & A

Thank you for your prayers and support. We appreciate the learning together. The participants appreciated the event very much. A friend said, “he didn’t know sermon preparation takes this time and effort.” Another said, “I’ll keep the approach in mind and follow the principles to feed our church members.” Still another said, “He had no idea to divide the Word of God this way.” May the Lord bless you all.

Yours in Christ

Ranjit K.