Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus!

We had a special visit and meetings in Poanta area. We visited several families. The Lord allowed us to sit and speak with them, and then to pray with them for their needs and sicknesses. Some were believers in the group but others were not. However, we invited all the families to hear the Word of God. We praise God that a clear Gospel was presented to them, and they received it gladly. It appears as if the Lord opened the heart of some individuals as they expressed trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, asking Him to forgive their sins. It was nice to see people glad because they have known the True God, who loves and cares for them. He is full of good acts for His followers.

Please pray for A_____ and his family, as they are not only believing in Christ but also witnessing among their community and relatives, which is an excellent service to the Name of Christ. This family is very strong in the Lord and have seen many Providences of God in their lives. Brother A_____ is helping bro. Chandan S. with the work of his ministry.

Please pray that God will bless the community of rag pickers with a house of their own. Many of them live on public property in little huts. Please pray for Chandan S., his wife, and children. Pray that God would protect them and use them more among this unreached people group. Please pray for our outreach work in the different communities, so that Gospel ministry may prosper.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Ranjit K.