Dear prayer partners greetings in Lord Jesus Name! It’s been few months that I sent you our updates. We thank you for keeping us and the spiritual work in your prayers. We feel blessed as God has used us to share the Gospel to many that had never heard, “Jesus died for us, on the Cross, so that we might not suffer the punishment, but have eternal life.”

Biblical Preaching Seminar

We had a teaching seminar for the Christian leaders, who are like minded and share our convictions. The meetings were on the topic of “Biblical Preaching.” This included how to choose your text, how to interpret the Scriptures, how we deliver it, and what are the steps before sharing it with the congregation. Along with the guidelines and encouragements from the pulpit, there was time for group discussions and question and answers. The meetings were very helpful for the attendees.

House Construction

Friends, we thank you for your prayers for our house construction. I want to share with you that this house has three bed rooms, two for us and one for the guests. The house also consists of an area, which can accommodate about 20-30 people for Bible studies, teachings, and fellowship. I have been living on rent until now, with my two children and my loving wife. The house we rent has images on the outside walls of a Hindu god and goddess, which is a common practice of Hindus in our region. Many times those images are glued on the inside walls of the houses. This facility will be a great help to my wife and both kids. It will also give us opportunities expand our witness and enhance the Thursday fellowship in the neighborhood.

Group’s growth

We thank God that our Bible study and prayer group is growing on Wednesday afternoon. Please continue pray for our group’s spiritual and numerical growth, and that God would protect His sheep from worldly ways.

Personal grief and prayer point: I feel sorry to inform you that my wife had a miscarriage recently. She was two and a half months along. Both children, and all our local friends, were excited about the arrival of the new baby in 2017. We feel very sad due to this. Please pray for comfort and consolation. It was a very horrible experience for my wife, as we had to travel at night to the city (40 kilometres) for an ultrasound test, while bleeding. She spent two days in the hospital, and I’m taking care of cooking, and cleaning these days.

Christmas program and Carol Singing

During the Christmas week, we will be having carol singing (gospel and praise songs of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ) in the houses of believers and non-believers. Please pray that Christ name would be exalted and a clear Gospel would be presented.

Prayer Points

Please pray for a sister in Christ and her two children that love the Lord. Her husband is not a believer, but gives approval for them to go the fellowship. There’s pressure from the community for the family to keep them away from the Lord and fellowship. Also, please remember a brother in the Lord who is a church planter in a very religious town. He has faced persecution from some people, they want him to stop the fellowship on Sundays. A few days back, he was accused of false things and put in prison, but was released. Pray for the believers and this shepherd.

THANK YOU, for your prayers, love and support.

Ranjit K.