Dear brethren in the Lord Jesus Christ,

We are glad to tell you that during this Christmas festivity, we did small meetings in different houses and villages, mainly proclaiming the Good News of His birth to save sinners. We did sing Gospel songs, and the children played small skits to demonstrate how Christ was born as a humble baby.

We made plans to visit each family during this Christmas season. We sang carols, read from the Bible about the birth of Lord Jesus Christ, prayed for the family members, and asked God to bless them in every way. All the members enjoyed this time together, and grew in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior.

Praise the Lord that hundreds of people came to listen to the message, and see what God has done for man in Christ Jesus. We had a nice program on the 23rd of December in the village where we do our weekly worship. About 160 people came to listen to Christmas gospel songs, and to watch a small drama done by the village children on the subject of Christ’s birth. Brother Silas M. was our guest speaker for the day, and shared the good news to all who attended. The people enjoyed and appreciated our small program. We trust the Lord was honored in our activities.

After the Christmas program in T______ village, we started our journey to the hills at 11’am the next day. We had been asked several times by our friends to come and join them on Christmas day, so after praying about it, we set out for the villages. On the way, we took rest in a village, after reaching there around 7’pm. We sang songs, shared from the Word with a believing family, and had warm fellowship with them. They were encouraged by our presence, praise God for that. We were tired after the whole day of traveling in the mountains. Along with my wife and daughter, a couple (along with their two children) accompanied us from Nepal.

On the next morning after chai, we had a time of prayer. We then traveled to the next village, where we had our Christmas program with them. Many gathered from the surrounding villages, some walking on foot, to meet us on Christmas Day! It was a joyful occasion for all of us as we gathered together in Christ name!

We sang gospel songs in Hindi, the local dialect, and in Nepali. We also preached the Word of God concerning Christ’s birth. The people enjoyed our fellowship and the Word spoken to them. After the meeting, we had lunch together. All the participants enjoyed local sweets.

We praise the Lord that He took care of us through the many hours of travel, and was able to use us for His kingdom to benefit His flock in the mountains. We came back on the 26th of December, very happy and physically tired of our journey. Please pray for those who came to listen and all the conversations we had with them.

Please continue to pray for us, and for a theological/missions training center the church desires to set up.

Ranjit K.