Dear prayer partners and friends in the Lord Jesus Christ, greetings to you all!

I recently went on a week long, and much awaited trip to Nepal. It was so good to meet with our old friends in the Lord, and to meet some new ones too. The Nepalese people are sad due to the damage of their property, and for the loss of lives in their country, due to the recent earthquake. However, this damage has caused the people to think about the Creator God, and His power over the earth. It’s my prayer for Nepal, that amidst all these damages, that they will feel the fresh air 
of God’s grace and come to know His presence.

Earthquake Affected Area

The first day I visited Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. I was 
blessed to meet with one of my old seminary classmate’s son. It was very sad to see the damage to the property and hear about the loss of lives in the area. The week I was there, it started to rain, which prevented me from going to the places where the earthquake did the most damage.

Our friends have been ministering to the victims of earthquake. They have been visiting the needy, providing food and roof materials, praying for them, and sharing God’s Word. Please pray God would be honored through these activities. We thank you for your financial help and prayers for them.

Local Missionaries and Resources

I am thankful to God for His work in a particular local church in Nepal. To give you a little background, in 1998, I started witnessing among the B_________ speaking people group. God blessed our labors for His kingdom, as a few were added to His church during my time there. Two of these men were involved in discipleship training, and then, after many prayers, they were sent to a small Bible school. Upon their return home, the Lord burdened them to take the leadership reigns of the local churches. In 2006, I left this area for theological studies. Since then, God has used these local leaders to share the Gospel, teach the church, and lead her into maturity. The church is still growing today, as there are now four different fellowships, in four different villages. They have even sent two young couples to seminary in North India for training, with the hopes of investing in the future of the church. Please pray for them, that they may continue to look to Jesus and His mission.

Teaching and Encouraging the Fellow Laborers

These churches are involved in Sunday school, ladies fellowship, prayer meetings, and Bible study (also known as cottage meetings). Praise be to God for these ministries. May the Lamb receive all the glory and honor! Amen. Praise the Lord that He is using the locals to reach their town through the preaching of the Gospel.

The Lord has been using me to teach and encourage my fellow gospel laborers. Since 1998, we have been laboring together, sharing the Gospel in the streets, visiting believers in various villages, and praying for the sick. Many times we traveled to far villages in order to share the Gospel that night. The Lord has blessed the labors of these men. They have even begun to send local missionaries and church planters into the hills and plains of Nepal. Praise the Lord!

On my visit this time, I taught these believers from the Heidelberg Catechism (translated in Hindi). We discussed and studied together the “marks of a true church and the glory of God.” Some of the ladies (pastor’s wives, and sisters from the neighborhood) also joined us. The Lord blessed this time of fellowship with His presence.

Let me tell you about a brother named R________. He serves the Lord as a church planter in a local village. He is married and has four children. He expressed his gratitude for the fellowship we provide, and the help he has received. It is such a blessing to see him growing in the Lord, and using the teachings he has learned in his church. He was sharing with me how timely the lectures and catechism study has been. It has benefited him greatly, as he has found it a great help in understanding theological subjects.

Unity and Encouragements

The Lord has used me to introduce brother T_______ to my friends. T_______ came from a remote village, where he has been laboring as a church planter. He is isolated in this village, having no friends or fellowship in his area. He has been looking for a fellowship of like minded men. I was able to get in touch with him from a friend in Thailand. T_______ was glad to be included in this fellowship. He was glad to meet with those who also labor in unreached villages. We are thankful for the ministry of the Holy Spirit in putting us together. How pleasant it is when brothers live in unity.

 Prayer points: Praise God for the faithful witness of the local Nepali friends. Praise God for the ministry of the Word carried out in different villages. Please pray for the next generation, as there are many children in the church. May the Lord save each of them. Please pray that the youth would be considered as a vital part of the church.

Hundreds of villages are still without witness. A majority of them have never heard of Jesus Christ, and the work He has accomplished. Please pray for more faithful workers.

I want to thank you for your support and prayers for my family and me. It is a joy to write these updates to you. We are glad that we could be used by our God, in and for His kingdom, both in India and Nepal.

Please continue to pray for us.

Thank you for your love and prayers.

Your fellow servant,

Ranjit K