In the grace of God I had finished preaching from the book of 2 Peter. I taught them about the life of Christian and the defense to false teaching. I encouraged them to live as a true Christian and grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

I am also teaching about the importance of Salvation among the youth. I am continuing this teaching. The youth are growing in God’s knowledge. I am teaching them from the book the

“Truth About Man”

Paul Washer.

We are on the creation and the fall of man. From this book, the believers are learning about the creation of man and their sin against God. This truth shows that salvation through God’s grace. The believers are very thankful to God for His grace. May God help us to live in Him and be witness to this world.

Once again it is my thanks to God for His grace for us and also thanks to God for revealing His truth. This truth is helping me to grow in His grace, and to serve His people. I would like to give thanks to HeartCry for your valuable support and prayers. God may bless you.

Pray Requests: Please pray for me as I am going to teach from the book of James. May God help me to understand it and may help me to explain it so that we all may grow in His truth. Pray for the youth and for their marriage. Pray for my life in the Lord and the ministry that he has give me.


Ram B.