In the grace of God the weekly church services and cottage meetings are going well. In this month the new people are attending the church due to their sickness. I visited to Mrs. Sumitra P. and Mrs. Sita H.. I shared the gospel to Sumitra and now she is attending the church. I am trying to nurture them in God’s Words.

Mrs. Gita C. is attending the church. She has a mental problem. I went to visit her house and she shared her problem to me. I shared about our spiritual sickness and life in Christ. Gita is now coming to the church. I am sharing God’s Word with her and encouraging her to trust in Christ. She is feeling good now days. God may help her in coming days. Mr. Denish’s daughter had a wedding program.

Mr. Denish is alone believer of his house. He invited the church believers to attended this wedding ceremony. In this program, I got the privilege to share the gospel to his relatives. It was wonderful time. Some of them rejected the gospel but some responded positively. I hope that three persons are willing to believe in Christ. May God open their heart and may accept Christ as their personal savior.

Thanks to God for His grace and mercy.

Prayer Requests: Pray for the new people for their health and also their life in Christ. Pray for those people whom I had shared the gospel. God may prepare their hearts and may bring in His kingdom.


Ragunandan V.