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Marian Toma is a pastor in the Gypsy village of Tunari, Romania. In recent days, his diligence has afforded him numerous opportunities to share the gospel. His love for Christ and winsome personality draw people to him. In his recent report, Brother Marian shares a few of his accounts:

Gina is a 15-year-old teenager. I’ve known her family for seven years. as her parents used to come to church from time to time. She is very unsettled all the time, as she is busy with her friends. Her parents complain about their relationship with her. Her sister helps their parents with household duties, but Gina doesn’t. But since she started attending the Bible study, Gina has realized that it is important to cherish and love her parents and has started changing her behavior towards them and her siblings. She began reading the New Testament and has invited her sister to attend our meetings. She informed me that she wanted to attend our summer camp with some of her friends so they would find out more about the Lord Jesus. May the Lord work in her life and help her be a good testimony!

The purpose of the teenage meetings is to help them identify their problems and to guide them towards healthy solutions. Another purpose is to share the Lord with them. The Lord is helping in showing God’s love to these children. They come from poor families. Their parents need to work in order to provide for them. Most of them live in a new neighborhood. The town hall gave pieces of land to these people so that they could build houses for their families. Some of their parents can’t read or write, so they can’t help their children with their homework.

A girl who quit school for two years in order to look after her younger siblings has started attending school again. We help the children who have had bad grades in school. Please pray for this project. We invest a lot of time in these children, while the school and the government don’t do anything for them. If nobody helps them, they will end up in jail. But the most important thing is that we get to present the Lord Jesus. Please pray for this project.

Bobi is a young taxi driver. A brother from Otopeni usually comes to church in Tunari by bike, but one Sunday morning, he called a taxi to take him to church, as the weather was cold. Bobi was his taxi driver who wanted to go to a monastery to pray that Sunday. When he found out that brother Dinca was going to an evangelical church, Bobi was curious to see what was going on in. When he came in, he was encouraged and the Lord searched his heart through the songs that were sung. He paid attention to the gospel message and I gave him a Bible after the church service. As I spoke with him he confessed that he understood the gospel now. His brother is an Orthodox priest in Prahova County where he also lives. He asked me to pray for him that the Lord would reveal his path to him. He lives 50 kilometers away from our village, so I urged him to find and start attending a church in his village. He promised he would do that.

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Pray for Protection

Pray for Protection