Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings to you all in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I know the situation with Covid-19 has globally challenged everyone, but in the midst of this situation, God has been kind to us. In God’s provision, we have been able to meet together for corporate worship. Praise God for this opportunity as a local church. 

These nine months of lockdown have really challenged many of the projects we were involved in, but praise God He opened the door for these projects to continue. We were just able to print 1000 copies of a book on conversion. We praise God for the HeartCry supporters for their generous funding of this project. It is a great blessing for the churches of Nepal. As we are receiving these books in our own language, our men and women are being blessed as these resources sharpen and develop their understanding of the truth. We help them understand what they are reading as we meet together twice a month to discuss. This has proved to be fruitful for all of us. Especially as pastors, pastor’s wives, interns, and a few brothers who are from a Presbyterian background and non-denominational churches gather together to study these books. We have already finished a book on the gospel, church membership, church discipline, and church elders. Studying in a group with these books has been very effective and edifying. The discussions on the doctrinal truths and how they are to be put into practice have been very helpful. I see that this is one of the best ways that the church can grow stronger, biblical, and missional. May the local church (His Bride) grow more in Christ-likeness, as well as many souls come to saving faith. 

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We are very excited about another project. Recently, Gospel Publication (GP) has been legally registered. Brother Isaac R., who is a very like-minded brother is carrying on this work. We are partnering together with this brother for sound literature. I hope this will be a huge blessing for Nepali Churches in the coming generations. Paul Washer’s book, “The Gospel Power and Message” should be printed in the weeks to come. We are very excited for another project on the horizon, the workbook on the church titled, “Christ’s Church, Christ’s Way” will begin being translated shortly. We are hoping to have it, and the Recovering the Gospel Series completed by the end of 2021. Do continue to pray for these projects. 

Our international training by Reformed Baptist Seminary and HeartCry partnership has been postponed due to the global pandemic. We continue to push back our scheduled dates as everything remains unstable with Covid. We have completed Doctrine of Scripture, Hermeneutics, Application of Salvation, Doctrine of the Church, Church Planting & Mission, and the exposition of the Gospel of John. We are scheduled to study, The Book of Romans, Pastoral Epistles, the Doctrine of God, OT & NT Survey, and Biblical Counseling. Please pray the Lord opens the door to continue this training project. It has been extremely helpful thus far. 

Thank you for partnering with us here in Nepal. Your continued prayers and support have blessed the gospel work here. Many souls are growing in Christ-likeness and many souls are being reached with the true gospel. Glory to God Alone!