Street Preaching

Emanuel Ivan continues his church planting work in Zizin. Street evangelism, discipleship and the purchase of property for the new chapel have kept him busy with the new church. Please pray for him and his family as they endeavor to perform their ministry with excellence. In this month’s update, Emanuel shares a few of his experiences:

By God’s grace, we are involved in the ministry in Zizin. We proclaim the gospel and attempt to reach the lost with the gospel. One day, Alex Palade and I were walking the streets of Zizin. As we were preaching the Word it started raining, but kept talking to the people. We met Adrian and Bianca, and because it was raining, they invited us to their place. The Lord gave us have a wonderful time of fellowship as we could sense His presence among us. Adrian rejected our message in the beginning because he had Christian workmates who had a compromised testimony. But slowly, the Lord touched his heart and helped him look to God to see his need for Him. Bianca is a Pentecostal believer and she had been praying for her husband. Their 14-year-old son listened carefully to the gospel message. Our desire is to see much fruit, but we understand that God is the One who makes the seed grow and produce fruit. So, we pray and have asked Him to work mightily in the people’s lives.

We also had other wonderful opportunities to preach the gospel. I told you before about Amada and Alex. They were among our first contacts in Zizin. We did Bible study with them. But they were not married legally. So we encouraged them to get married and had several lessons about family life from a biblical perspective with them. The good news is that they got married this month. We attended their ceremony. We preached the gospel to the participants and prayed for Alex and Amada. Please pray that the Lord would search their hearts and make them his children. The Lord is faithful to work, so we are motivated to keep serving.

By God’s grace I had the blessing to do evangelistic outreach with brother Sorin in Brasov. We went to the park which is close to our church. The Lord guided us in a wonderful way as we had several good discussions with the people we met. We talked to a young man who said he didn’t believe in God. Sorin and I tried to encourage him to open his heart, but he kept rejecting any idea about God’s existence. Later on, he told us he had tried to kill himself several times. The Lord can change the most skeptical hearts, so we pray for this young man whom Satan keeps in darkness.

I also got involved in getting the necessary documents to buy a piece of land in Zizin. I had to go there several times and then to the notary to get the documents and contract. This hasn’t been easy, especially since the owners of the land put pressure on us to buy the land and get the documents done. I’m grateful to the Lord that we didn’t give in under the pressure and were able to solved these things legally. So, by God’s grace and blessing, we managed to buy the land to build a chapel. We are so grateful to HeartCry for the financial help we received and for those who prayed for us. May the Lord bless you abundantly and help us be a blessing for the people in Zizin! Now we are involved in building a chapel in Zizin. We pray that the Lord would guide us and give us wisdom. Please pray for us.