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HeartCry missionaries Sorin and Trish Prodan have been in the United States visiting family and friends. During their stay, they contracted Covid which left them confined to their living quarters for a few weeks. In Sorin’s recent report, he shares the details of his experiences while in the country:

Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

This past month was the second month we spent in the U.S. as we came to visit our family, some friends and churches. I was blessed to meet the HeartCry staff, and spend a day with such dear friends. My time with Brother Paul Washer was valuable! I treasured the few occasions I had to sit down with Paul, evaluate the ministry, and receive great insights concerning the course of the ministry.

I was also blessed to visit some dear friends in Houston and preach the Word of God at Harvest Bible Church, TX. I was blessed to refresh my relationship with a few families, and meet the saints in the church. I can’t express how much I thank God for having such dear friends that love me and pray for our ministry. The next few weeks were not so good as my whole family contracted the Covid virus and went through a difficult time of sickness. Our three boys got sick and recovered in days. My wife struggled for a week. But I was the most affected as I was sick for almost three weeks. I am recovering now, having a few things left from the impact of the virus. It was a sober time in my life, as I even considered the possibility of going to be with the Lord. I learned a few good lessons under the cloud of suffering, and grew in my love for the Lord, and my family. I realized how important is to invest love, and kindness toward family, church, and friends. I thought a lot about how the ministry would continue, and felt blessed to know that there are great brothers able to take over and continue the efforts we put into planting churches over the course of a few decades. I was also compelled to invest more in trusted men that one day can take over and do the work, maybe even more than what we’ve done.

After recovering, I continued serving in the area of Lynchburg, sharing the Gospel, and preaching the Word. God opened a door to share the good news, as I went to the barber shop. It was easy to connect with a few guys there, as they noticed my accent. We talked on what’s happening in Europe, then what is occurring globally. In response as to why all this global havoc, I concluded that all of humanity is fallen into sin, and guilty before God. Then I explained the message of Christmas that has been gradually lost by this generation. The incarnation of Christ was a massive event, as the Son of God came to solve the problem of our guilt before God. The Son died to atone for sin, and replace the condemnation in us by taking upon Himself our punishment. I noticed there was great interest in what I said, both in the barbers, and a few clients who were waiting. I was so happy to be able to share the Gospel that day. I just celebrated in my heart for the rest of the day for the opportunity.

Due to my prolonged sickness with Covid, we had to postpone our trip back to Romania. We will be in the States for a few more weeks. This will be a time to visit family and serve the church.

Pray that we will be faithful to the call wherever we are. Thank you for your care for us, and your love.

Merry Christmas!

The Prodans.