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I have been blessed this month as I’ve seen the members of the church growing. We have a strong relationship with one another and are very united. On Fridays we meet for Bible study and prayer. We spend time together and hear how each of them are growing in his or her relationship with God, and how they share the gospel with others. It is a great blessing to me and of course the ones who are sharing too.

During July, several of my relatives got married and I had the chance to attend most of the weddings. This gave me the chance to share about my work and what I do as a pastor. I had a discussion with two young men. One of them lives in Italy. He went to Italy illegally before he turned 18 years old. In order to get into Italy he had to attend a Catholic school. We began to talk and I asked him how it was for him as a Muslim to attend a Catholic church. Of course many of the Muslims that go to Italy, even though they attend the Catholic school while there, don’t like to discuss this matter. But he asked me if I knew something about Jesus, and I shared the gospel with him, and also with all who were the in that room. I explained the difference between Catholics and Christians. After I shared with them, they began to judge and attack me with words, and they told me that many people in Kosovo convert to Christianity only for money. Pray for them that God will open their hearts and they will be saved.

One Sunday after church, I was on my way to visit my parents and I was traveling with a man from the church. We stopped by the market where his brother and another employee were working. After greeting with them they asked us what we had done that day. We told them that we just came from church. Both of them have heard the gospel before and they are both open to hear and discuss it. We then began to talk about what will happen after this life. I had the chance to tell them what happens after this world for those who don’t believe in Jesus and for those who do. One of them in particular is very interested in knowing more about Jesus and has never rejected anything we have told him about Jesus. Pray that I will have more opportunities to talk with them and God will save and open their hearts.

I also had the chance to share the gospel with a young man that I gave a ride to on my way home. As we began to introduce ourselves he asked me what I do. I shared the gospel with him and I wanted to give him a gospel booklet, but he refused to take one. Pray for him, that God will open his heart.

Another chance that I had this month to share the gospel was to a man around 50 years old. He works security at a bank. While I was coming back to Malisheva I gave him a ride and then shared with him. He was very open to hear the gospel and accepted the gospel booklet that I offered. He told me that he will read the book. Pray that God will open his heart and that he will accept what he heard.

For me personally and also for the church it was a blessing and joy that two people got baptized this month, a man and a woman. The man has been coming to our church for a while. Without doubt, he is a great encouragement to me and the whole church. Nearly every time we are together as a church he shares how his relationship with God is growing and how he is getting to know God better every day. It’s a huge blessing to see how God is working in his life. Pray that God will lead them both in every step of their lives, and that God will make them a great example to others as they grow in Him each day.