Acknowledgement and Thanksgiving From Peter Mang (Myanmar)

Dear Partners Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. What a privilege to be in the vineyards of the Lord. We are praying for you always to be a channel of God’s blessing to other as well. Thank you so much for your unceasing support and prayer. Without your holding the rope for us we can’t come this far to move on in the ministry.

Ministry Report

Despite of the hot summer we continue on serving the Lord in teaching, preaching, and follow up. Last year we did as much as we could knocking on the door and visiting from house-to-house because people are already aware of our style of working. It affects a lot as we try to move on to house-to-house. We went to a village of no name and share the gospel to three families and also had our follow up to people whom we shared the gospel with previously.

The news spread around and the native people think that we are seducing people into Christianity. Therefore, they told us that “Buing Bua” City is a place which we can’t do religious work (using their term).  However, we know that the work of the Lord cannot be stopped. We are still teaching and sharing the gospel-we continue on by his grace. We were able to conduct a short salvation crusade during Buddhist water festival. We are planning also to be able cover some of the other villages around our city with the Gospel of Jesus Christ without giving up.

Prayer Request

  • Please pray for us to be able to start a mission church soon
  • To be always faithful and not fainting

From Your Missionary to Dawei people at “Buing Bua” Township

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Update from Myanmar

Update from Myanmar