Brother Naphtally Ogallo is one of the leaders we partner with in Kenya, and he pastors Grace Baptist Church in the university city of Eldoret. He shares about two men who are preparing for pastoral leadership in their fellowship of churches:

“In October 2016, the Lord of the harvest was pleased to add to our church’s number two men: John and David. John Akeyo has a theological degree from Central Africa Bible College and completed a pastoral internship under Pastor Ronald Kalifungwa at Lusaka Baptist Church, Zambia. David Oure has a theological degree from Christ Seminary in South Africa and completed a pastoral internship under Pastor Conrad Mbewe at Kabwata Baptist Church, Zambia. The plan was for GBC Eldoret to work closely with these brothers for at least six months, preparing them for church-plant work in two strategic towns in Kenya.”

After several months of observing the life and character of these men and evaluating their teaching ability, GBC Eldoret appointed John and David to the office of elder on April 2, 2017. This temporarily raised Eldoret’s eldership to four. We say ‘temporarily’ because both men are being prepared for other roles. David has since moved to GBC Kisumu in preparation for taking over the pastorate from Sam Oluoch, who plans to move to Nairobi to plant a church early in 2018. John and the Kenyan leadership still have their eyes on Nakuru, Kenya’s fourth largest city, for a church plant.

Here is David, in his own words, sharing about his experience with Grace Baptist Church Eldoret:

“My name is David Oure. I started serving with GBC Eldoret in September 2016 after my six month internship at Kabwata Baptist Church, Zambia. My time at GBC Eldoret has been of great joy to me, serving amongst the leaders and the congregation that love the Lord and one another. It was a time for learning for I had not served in any Reformed church as a pastor. In GBC Eldoret, I was eventually set apart and ordained as an elder and I am grateful to the Lord and the whole Eldoret church for according me such a great privilege of being a minister in the Lord’s house. I had various opportunities to teach and preach God’s word and interact with all those in the church.

While in GBC Eldoret, the Lord helped us to start a Bible study group that was meeting in my house every Wednesday night. The members were students from the various colleges in Eldoret, living with me in Silver Spring Estate and were from different churches across the country. Our time during the Bible studies was very fruitful, seeing ten members loving the Lord’s word and hopefully, by the Lord’s grace, all will confess Christ truly to be saved. Some are saved already and are attending our Sunday services. These are potential young men and women who are greatly instrumental in the transformation of our country’s Christianity through their zeal for the true gospel, spreading this gospel while in schools and when they go back home for holidays. Leaving them was very hard for me and please pray for the brother who will continue leading them.

There is always a temptation to remain where you feel already fitted and actually in a comfort zone, but when the Lord commands, the best response is to obey to His voice. As for now, He has brought me to serve in GBC Kisumu with Pastor Sam Oluoch, Elder Ken Owiti, the deacons, and the whole church. I have enjoyed the few days I have been in GBC Kisumu. Please pray that our ministry amongst the people of God will be biblically relevant, inspiring, and life transforming, that the Lord’s power may be experienced in His word preached and taught. Amen!”