HeartCry missionary Pavel Purcaci continues to serve through the Phildelphia Church in Anenii Noi, Moldova. He is a team player as he serves with pastor, Igor Serement. This month, he played an active role in helping to coordinate local church events.

I focused on studying and learning this month. We organized two conferences, a seminar and a youth leaders’ meeting at our church. I attended all the meetings. Besides this, I attended the pastors’ meeting in which we talked about the relationship between pastors and deacons.

It was spiritually refreshing to be able to have Bible studies and seminars for ministers after two years in which we couldn’t have such events. We studied, both exegetically and homiletically, the books of Galatians and Philippians with about twenty five ministers . We also studied the kings of the Old Testament and conducted a study on premarital counseling. I give thanks to God for these opportunities of growing and advancing deeper and deeper in the Word of Truth. I also give thanks to the Lord for every opportunity I have to learn from brother Don Currin about those important subjects that he addresses every week over Zoom.

Besides attending these conferences, I visited the church in the village of Palanca and preached. I gave the Lord’s Supper in the Hîrbovățul Vechi Church. While I was involved in the youth ministry, I organized a social ministry and other administrative and spiritual ministries at the church.

I give thanks to God for helping us this month and teaching us so many things from his Word. I also give thanks to HeartCry for the faithfulness they have extended to us in supporting us on the gospel field.