It is my greeting to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. In the grace of God we all are fine and hope that you all are fine there. It is my joy to share the works of God of this month.

Ministry Activities 

In the grace of God the weekly worship and cottage meeting in 3 churches are going well. The believers of K.D. are quite slow to learn God’s words. Because of this now I am starting to stay on Friday night in that place to train them in the Lord. May God use me to equip them in Lord and also may God lead their heart to learn His words and grow more mature in Him. From this church 5 people are preparing for baptism. May God help them to receive baptism and grow in the Lord.

It is my joyful to see the believers of S___. They are growing in faith. It is my thanks to the Lord for His grace and guidance to His people. I am thankful to God that 13 people are preparing for baptism. The Holy Spirit may lead them in to grow in Christ.

The Sunday school in S___ is going well. In the grace of God more than 25 children are attending in this Sunday school. Both believers and unbelievers children are attending in this fellowship. After having Sunday school, they learn from their schoolbooks. Let the Holy Spirit lead their hearts and bring for His kingdom and use for His mission works.

The fellowship in G___ is growing well. Though this meeting is very new but in the grace of God they are growing in Lord. In God’s blessing 13-14 people are willing to receive baptism. I am nurturing and guiding them from God’s words and encouraging them to keep their faith in Christ, even in both difficulties and in happiness. Therefore, they need more guidance and teaching every day. But because of rainy session it is very heard to visit them. We need to cross two rivers and now the water is increased in the rivers due to monsoon. Let God protect them in every situation and may continue their faith and fellowship in Christ.

It is my thanks to God for His grace His guidance in doing ministry. Also I would like to give thanks to HeartCry for your prayer and support. May God bless you and also continue pray for the ministry that I am doing in mountain area.

Prayer Request

  • Please pray for the people who are looking for Baptism.
  • Please pray for the church in G___. This is very new church. Let the believers may stand in their faith in all situation.
  • Please pray for me and the ministry that I am doing in mountain area.

Sincerely, Gary G.