Please pray for me as I have been invited to preach this evening (2/12/19) to a sizeable number of young people from the gypsy community here in Málaga. A door of opportunity that I thought was closed appears to have reopened for me to minister the gospel among the gypsies in a community near here. The opportunity appears promising, owing to the interest that some of the younger leaders have to dig deeper into the Scriptures. I had the great privilege of preaching to a group of some 70+ gypsies last Tuesday evening, and several of the men told me afterward that the sermon I preached from John 4 on Jesus’ ministry to the Samaritan woman made an impact on a number of people. One man (the uncle of another friend of mine) told me that his mother, an elderly woman from a humble background, with little formal education, understood the message clearly and was greatly blessed by it. Praise God!

This is the same man who has organized the meeting this evening since he is well known in this particular neighborhood. He has invited some members of the local football club and other young people whom he knows personally, and has asked me to preach an evangelistic message and to answer questions afterward. Many of the people whom he has invited have some religious background, he said, but they have not been converted and are not walking with Christ.

Pray that the Lord will fill me with His Spirit that I might preach the Word faithfully, and that the message of ‘repentance toward God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ’ may be made clear to all who are present.