Conference India

Our soul waits for the LORD; He is our help and our shield. For our heart is glad in him, because we trust in his holy Name (Psalm 33:20-21).

It is also true that He makes our heart glad by giving us opportunities to serve Him. Isn’t it? That’s what I have experienced these last two months. I just want to share with you some events that happened over the last two months. 

The Lord graciously gave me opportunities over the last several weeks to share the gospel with some people both within and outside our local church. Also, I had an opportunity to attend the All India Pastor’s Conference that was conducted in Hyderabad at the beginning of August. After that conference, I taught some rural pastors on Biblical interpretation. It was really a blessing for me to be a part of these events. 

Their pitiful eyes almost made me cry, but I held back my tears.

Charlie T.

Early last month, I was invited to an evangelistic camp to share the Word with some young boys. These camps are 4 or 5 days long, with the focus to reach out to non-Christian young boys and girls. Many of the young people heard the Gospel and teaching from the Bible for the very first time in their lives. In the class that I was assigned, there were nearly 30 young guys and most of them were from a non-Christian background. It was really a great privilege for me to share the gospel with them. I had prepared the privilege to preach about how Christ’s sacrifice is enough to take away our sins, faith in Christ is enough for us to receive forgiveness, and the Bible is enough for us to know God and walk in His ways. It was a blessed time with those young guys telling them that it’s time to repent and turn back to God and trust in Christ Jesus (1 Peter 4:3). They were sincerely listening to me as I explained to them the seriousness of sin before the Holy and Perfect God. Some were staring at me with saddened faces. Their pitiful eyes almost made me cry, but I held back my tears. I hope and pray that the Lord will graciously draw them closer to Himself!

Eve Camp

On another occasion, I was invited to share the gospel at a birthday party, as they were expecting some non-believers to attend. Birthday celebrations is one of the evangelistic tools that people use here to share the gospel with non-believing family and friends! I thanked God for the opportunity and once again clearly explained why Jesus died on the cross and how we can truly celebrate our new birth in Christ. I was so encouraged when the person who called me said that the next time he thinks about inviting somebody to share the gospel, I will be the first one on his mind. That was really encouraging for me to see myself from other people’s eyes and know their thoughts about me. I praise God for a lot of good changes in my life and ministry. Also, I owe many thanks to those who influenced me in such a way by being good models. I am really grateful to God for them as well!

Recently, two young people attended our church, one is a “professing Christian” and the other is a non-Christian. Though they came after the service, I (with others) sat with them and clearly explained the gospel. They heard it patiently. I truly hope the Lord works in their hearts. It was a good opportunity for me not only to witness to those two, but also to show, and be a model to those who are with me. They were gladly observing me share the gospel and rejoiced with me in witnessing to them. These days our people at the church, though few, are getting passionate to share the gospel and invite people to church. People come and go, but they go hearing the gospel at least for the first time. I praise God for that!

Finally, there is a young man named Akhil who attends my English Class (which I take for some Christian interns!). He is a non-Christian and is already a bit suspicious about us regarding “religious conversion,” but chose to attend the class anyway. Once I had a little conversation about the Bible, but I am praying that the Lord will open a door for me to share the gospel clearly with him. Truly, at our door steps lay lot of opportunities which we need to prayerfully utilize! Please do pray that, as we share the gospel, the Lord will open up the hearts of people and do the work that He alone can do. Please continue pray that the Indians will hear the gospel and respond to it in faith. May the Lord alone receive the glory as we work by His grace!

Thank you for all your prayers and support,

In Christ,

Charlie T.