My prayer is that the Lord will continue opening doors to preach the gospel here and around Pampa Flores. Along with the members of our church, we have started going to two different villages in order to preach the gospel. To get to one of them is about an hour of travel, and they have allowed us to use a common meeting area in the town, where we minister God’s Word to the group of people that come. We are going there two times each month. In the other village, about 20 minutes away on a motorcycle, they have allowed us to rent a school building when we go and we are preaching the Word there. These new opportunities for the church are going to require the constant work of prayer, recognizing that our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces of wickedness. 

The reason we have decided to persevere in visiting each of these villages is that the Lord has promised to save sinners and that the gates of hell will not prevail against His church. We are clinging to and trusting only in the power of the gospel to save. We believe that the Lord has determined to save people through the foolishness of preaching. Though this work adds to the responsibilities of pastoral ministry, it’s worth the tiredness and the late nights of study and prayer in order to see the Lord save souls. I’m thankful to the Lord for calling me to this work, which is a great joy for me.” – Wilmer Navarro, pastor in northern Peru