Dunas Family

Pictured are Anatol Dunas and his family. In this month’s report, Anatol shares how he creates increased opportunities to preach the gospel in his Moldovan community:

I keep studying the Word with the men every Tuesday. About 15 people attend these meetings. Once a month, we minister to someone in need, so that our study and prayer won’t be dry or fruitless. This month we helped a brother in Jora de Jos, Falesti County. He needs a car to use in ministry and he can’t afford to buy one. He ministers to a small church that can’t support him. So, we prayed for this man and his ministry and donated for his need.

I had a meal with three workers and preached the gospel to them. One man remembered he used to attend youth meetings in an evangelical church and knew about repentance. I challenged him to repent. While driving back I gave a ride to three people that were hitchhiking and preached the gospel to them.

I approached a man in his 30s and told him directly that God loved him and the proof was Jesus who died for his sins. “Do you believe that?” I asked him. He said he did. “Are your sins forgiven?” He hesitated, so I asked him to choose which one was true for him:

1. You hesitate because you don’t believe what you say about Jesus. 

2. Or you hesitate because you have never repented and believed the gospel.

He said the second sentence was true for him. So, I told him I could encourage him to repent and believe in Jesus Christ. He hesitated once again. So I invited him to church, but he never came.

Sixty children and young people graduated from our English course and we invited their parents to attend the Sunday church service in order to celebrate their graduation. We also preached the gospel on this occasion. I preached about Jesus, the High Priest. After the ceremony, a lady came to me and told me she grew up in a church where the sermons were moralizing and not Christ-centered. She was happy to hear the gospel of grace.

I visited our English classes and preached the gospel to the students before Christmas. I urged them to repent and seek forgiveness. Over 30 students prayed and asked the Lord for forgiveness.

We commemorated Lucian who went to be with the Lord a year ago. We remembered the nice things the Lord had done through him. Over 35 people attended this meeting and about 15 of them shared their experiences they had had with Lucian. Svetlana, Lucian’s wife, and their three daughters were so encouraged. I also invited a believer whose husband had died 10 years ago to attend this meeting. She was left with eight children. She shared how the Lord had strengthened her all this time.

I meet with the leaders of different ministries once a month in order to share about our experiences, mentor them and plan the ministry together. We planned the summer camp for families. On December 5th, we had a second seminar for families, which was attended by 24 of them; four of them are non-Christian families. We pray that the Lord work in their lives.