Arturo Marin's Report

Facundo is the pastor of a baptist church here in Lima. It’s the church my family visits when we are in Lima. Some weeks ago, he invited me to the home of Cayo and Natividad, who raised Facundo and taught him how to work in the business of furniture tapestry. They also were the ones who encouraged him to marry his wife Primitiva. For all of those reasons, Facundo and Primitiva feel a great degree of commitment to sharing the gospel with Cayo and Natividad. Every opportunity they have, they tell them about Christ.

It was Cayo’s seventieth birthday and all of his friends and family came to celebrate. Everything was set for the party. Present at the part was even one of the people who, during the Catholic festivals in the streets, carries the Señor de Los Milagros [Lord of the Miracles], which is the main idol in the city of Lima. In fact, Mr. Cayo also used to be the leader of that group and one of the people carrying the idol, and so was his wife. Over the years, Facundo and Primitiva have shown a faithful testimony and have overcome a lot of the barriers in the relationship.

At the party, Facundo asked if we could speak to the guests for a minute in order to share the Word of God. They accepted his request and he asked me to share the message. So, I preached the Word of God. Everyone listened quietly. At first, one of the guests wanted to interrupt saying that the virgin Mary, because she is the mother of Jesus, should be worshiped. However, I was able to continue talking about Christ. 

Afterward, they themselves asked me to lead in some hymns. I got out the guitar and we sang. The entire plan for the party had changed and we were now singing songs of praise to the Lord. After we had all eaten the meal and the cake, Mr. Cayo thanked Facundo with tears, saying that he considers him to be a son to him. He said that he had never had a birthday like this one, one without liquor and drunkenness. He asked us to pray for him and his family, and he asked us to visit him again.

I ask your prayers for the salvation of Mr. Cayo and his family. As soon as we are able to visit them again, we will. It’s not easy or common to be able to enter the home of the head of the group that carries the Señor de los Milagros. I believe God is opening doors for us to preach the gospel.

Pray also for brother Facundo. He used to be a part of a very idolatrous organization in the town of Puno and was involved in the well-known festival called “La Diablada.” He has a great burden to reach the leaders of that organization with the gospel. Also, pray for Facundo’s health. He is now blind, but he is constantly walking around with his wife, looking for people to speak to about Christ.

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Gospel Privileges

Gospel Privileges