Dear HeartCry,

I would like to thank you and share the joy with you from our Gospel preaching trip at the drug rehab center for two days on 3-4, May. On the last day of our original plan, that is today, a government officials wanted to visit the center and we had to stop our teaching in the morning. First of all, I thank God for opening the door to us to preach His goodness to over 80 drug addicts. And I am thankful to you for your partnership in making the trip possible by prayer and by financial help. Those 82 drug addicts are Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and Animists from all over our province. I saw more people were admitted daily. They were not only all sorts of drug addicts but also most dangerous to society, having committed different forms of drug-related crimes and were abandoned by family and friends. They were, in fact, uncontrollable ones. They had to be taken to the rehab center by local militia force where they live in chains and are housed in jail like conditions. But most of them are willing to be transformed and to live a new life with a new hope. 

We preached the Gospel expounding biblical doctrines on God, Man, Sin, Christ, Grace, Faith, Salvation, Hell and Heaven. It was like we have brought them the real cure for their pain. They got a new hope and encouragement through the Word of God. I can’t forget when we asked questions after each session, many of them answered,

“I’ve just received a new light and hope and I’ve just prepared for heaven”

They were so attentive to our preaching, asked questions and were involved in discussions. It was even like a theological class. There was no one who just sat and listened to us unresponsively. I could feel through their facial expression that although their legs were in chain their souls were set free by the Gospel message. It seemed that the Christians heard the true Gospel for the first time. And to those from other religions, it was a great challenge and also a privilege to hear about Christ as the God of the creation. 

A local militia leader runs the Rehab Center and the government officially recognizes it. The leader is a strong Christian and is also a friend of mine. Since it’s not a religious institution, many organizations from Christianity, NGOs and from government departments are permitted to visit, donate, and teach here. But I was told that none of the above organizations are committed to making efficient and regular donations. Basic necessities such as food, clothes, and medications are still in great demand. Most off all, the Gospel is what they need most everyday. If any Christian individuals or organizations are willing and able to invest in this kind of ministry, I think it’s worthwhile. It’s a place where we can preach the Gospel to about a hundred new people every three months! People come and go. When they hear the Gospel, their lives will be changed by the power of the Gospel through the work of the Holy Spirit. 

Please pray for the souls that have heard the glorious gospel. Please pray for the continuing work of this kind of preaching ministry to those who really need it. 

In His service,