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As HeartCry missionaries, Jon and Ani Tomeci serve the faith family of Providence Church in Brasov, Romania. They have been a devoted team over the years having ministered to the body of Christ across Eastern Europe. Recently, they have had the opportunity to share the gospel with university students. In their monthly report, they share a few of their experiences:

Please pray for Ani and me. Pray that our relationship would be deeply anchored in the truth of the gospel and that we would be a blessing to each other. Also, I want to have a deeper desire for the Lord manifested through prayer, the reading of the Word and through power in preaching.

One girl said that she started attending the church as a little child, but all she heard was that she was guilty and she should try harder to stop sinning. Otherwise, she wouldn’t get to heaven and wouldn’t have Christ. So, she struggled to do good deeds and was even baptized, but in the end she got tired and realized that she couldn’t be saved. Actually, she had never been saved. When she was 12, she had a strong fear of a God that was going to punish her by sending her to hell. As I talked to her, I realized that she was lost in a world of unforgiveness and self-condemnation. She saw herself as a person with a hardened heart that couldn’t receive forgiveness any longer. She believed she was going to hell. I spoke to her about who Christ really was, forgiveness through his sacrifice and the righteousness that we receive when we repent and believe in him. While she graduated from college and finished her master’s program, she couldn’t get a job because she couldn’t sleep at night. Please pray that I could meet with her in private so that we could have deeper discussions. Also, pray that the Lord would set her heart free from this self-blaming and that she would know Christ’s mercy that we received through his sacrifice. And pray that she would really get to know the Savior.

Another girl shared, “I feel discouraged, and I don’t want anything from this life. Nothing really satisfies me and there’s nothing I like to do, not even going out with my friends, that’s why I find all kinds of excuses when they invite me to go out with them and I just want to be alone!”

This girl is 20 years old. She is young, smart and beautiful, but without hope for the future just like many young people. She doesn’t know the Lord and has never read the Bible. The Lord Jesus is a stranger to her! I asked her what she would like to do with her life and she said, “nothing.” Her answer didn’t take me by surprise because the new generation has no purpose for their lives and they don’t care about knowing the Lord! But she listened to me carefully as I shared the gospel with her and identified with many things that I said and was made aware that she is a sinner and that her life without God is empty. She knows she needs someone to change her life and that someone is the Lord Jesus. It’s so obvious that her main problem is spiritual and only the gospel can change her! Please pray for this young lady that the Holy Spirit would change her heart and save her! Please pray that he would help her get over her discouragement.

Still another young lady said, “I used to read the Bible and work hard to do good deeds, but I thought I had to be perfect. I expected perfection from the people around me, but my life was going downwards towards discouragement and disappointment, to the point that I didn’t want to live anymore!”

This girl is a freshman and majoring in French with a minor in English. She comes from a village near Brasov. As a child, she used to attend a Lutheran Church. When she was in primary school, she went to an evangelistic project in Hungary as she is Hungarian. Back then, she dedicated her life to the Lord Jesus. But after a while, because of her friends and entourage, she forgot the promise she had made to the Lord. She went back into the world again. Her mother is a teacher and her father has two jobs. This young woman told me that her family had a good reputation in their village, but it was just in appearance, because her father drank a lot and was aggressive. She felt despised by her father her entire childhood and doesn’t have a relationship with him. Her parents encouraged her to read the Bible and do good deeds, but they were not a good example. This led her to disappointment. She cried all the time as she told me about her family. I was able to identify with her story, so I was able to communicate with her.

I told her about my life and my childhood and the change the Lord Jesus had made in my life and the power that the Lord has given me to forgive. I shared the gospel with her and I spoke to her about the deliverance that the Lord can bring into our hearts. Please pray for her that the Lord would raise her up, speak to her heart and save her. Please pray that her colleagues wouldn’t have a bad influence on her. Pray that the Holy Spirit would strengthen her to resist the temptations that come against her and that she would dedicate her life to the Lord. She wants to do this, but the people around her can have a negative influence on her.

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A Double Compass