By the grace of God, I have been involved in ministry throughout the month of February, and I experienced the blessing and the protection of God. I have the privilege to share personal evangelism and tracts to unbelievers. Then I visited my church members, house to house and encouraged them through the word of God. One of my church members had a baby in this month, and I gave her son name and encouraged her to love God more and more.

As usual, we have prayer meetings every Saturday with a few church members for our country, and all the missionary who are in mission field all over the world. I encourage them, even though we are less in number, God will answer all of our prayer for His own glory.

Moreover, we have been meeting for adult Bible study every Sunday in addition to our worship service with more than 25 people. I do believe that church members and visitors are growing in the grace and knowledge of God. Even though I am not good and faithful to Him, God is still good and faithful to me and to my church members. Thank you so much for your prayer support.

His servant, Htoo Aung Kyaw