Jose Luis Siancas Preaching Via Video

This month I was counseling one of the ladies in our church whose husband does not know the Lord. Despite being in the midst of an economic crisis, the little money that her and her husband are able to earn, he gambles away. Thankfully, he doesn’t prohibit her from attending church or reading the Bible.

The sister saved up some money to purchase a Bible and she gave it as a gift to her husband. Sadly, the husband still has no interest in reading it. She tells me that she is always sharing the gospel with him, but still, he has no interest. In fact, he often ends up arguing with her, saying that his perspective is right and any other perspective is wrong. 

In light of the challenges, she has shared with me that she is prepared to continue caring for her husband. In the first place, she is praying for him day after day. She is praying with the understanding that her husband will be helped not by her might or power, but by God’s Spirit. Second, she is growing deeper in her confidence in the Word of God. She wants to speak less of her own words and more of His. 

I shared with her something that I had read from Charles Spurgeon, that our words are like little paper marbles in comparison with the cannonball of God’s Word. Though I could not see her face as we spoke, because we were speaking over the phone, I could tell from her voice that she strongly embraced this truth. I also said to her, “It is possible that your husband will not read his Bible, but he can hear the Bible from your mouth. When you speak God’s Word, consider that it is the sword of the Spirit.”

It is my prayer that her husband will know Christ and that this sister will continue living more and more in the power of God’s Word. Please pray with me that she will live with her husband with much wisdom.