Carlos Garcia Interview

It’s now been two months since we were last able to meet together as a church. We all deeply miss the fellowship with our brothers and sisters. Although we have not been able to be with one another in person, we have maintained communication with one another through things like WhatsApp and phone calls. 

By God’s grace, I have been able to at least briefly visit the families of the church, taking care to observe the needed precautions that are required here. This has helped to encourage one another and to better understand the situations they are experiencing during this quarantine. 

With the Lord’s provision, we have been able to financially help six families in our church that have a lot of need. We took each of them a bag of basic foods to try to alleviate some of their economic strain. Also, we have sought to strengthen one another spiritually. I send out messages to the church with Scripture meditations, encouraging everyone in the faith and in our confidence in the Lord. There have been a few urgent spiritual issues that the Lord has allowed me to minister to through phone calls. 

During this time in quarantine, we have been reminding the members of the church to pray with their families and to study the Word of God in their homes. We’ve encouraged the husbands and fathers to lead their families in this way, and where there is not a believing husband in the home we have encouraged the mothers to take on this role and guide their family in the Lord Jesus Christ. 

I’m thankful to the Lord because these times of prayer and studying God’s Word have been a great blessing for families in their homes. For many, this is something new and difficult. Also, it can be a challenge for those who live in homes where not everyone is a believer. However, it has been a great opportunity for each family. As I’ve spoken with them, many have shared how the Lord is using these times in the lives of their families. I’ve been glad to see that our brothers and sisters are doing the work of the Lord in their own homes.

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God is the Answer

God is the Answer