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Pastor Andrei R. is the newest Russian-speaking pastor that HeartCry has the opportunity to support. Below he writes detail of his and the church’s tremendous need for prayer. Read below, and commit yourself to pray for this brother and his people:

Greetings to you dear brothers and sisters in Christ!

I thank the Lord for His amazing grace in your work for Him and His Kingdom. In the past month, God has continued to establish us in the love and truth of His word. Now I continue to preach Ephesians in the church. I am very glad that God reveals to me and the Church His great, glorious, and amazing doctrines of grace. All of this strengthens our faith and encourages us in our practical life.

I ask you to pray for the development, quality, and consistency of our common prayer meetings. The fact is that while trying to put into practice God’s commands about prayer for our general meeting, we meet some resistance and reluctance of some church members to participate in this matter. As a result, there are some tensions and negative influences on some members of the community. Therefore, I ask you to pray that our common enemy would not be able to take advantage of this situation and that God would give us an understanding of the need and diligence in prayer.

I ask you to pray for me too: that God would give me the necessary grace and wisdom to serve His people in accordance with His Word. I believe and know that God answers your prayers because I constantly feel and see the manifestations of His grace in different areas of my life. Unbelieving visitors come to our congregation. We preach the Gospel to them and call them to repentance before God! Pray that God would give them eyes to see and ears to hear. This month I was invited to a Baptist congregation for preaching and fellowship. Hope God will be glorified through this visit.

Be blessed in Christ!

Your brother in Christ, Andrea R.