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Marian Jipa oversees four churches in his locale. He has been a devoted shepherd to the people in the community of Pitulicea, Buzau, Romania. This month he relates some of the experiences he has had during the present virus:

Some of the restrictions were lifted on May 15th. We feel better now, even if the danger of getting infected is still present. There are not many Covid cases in our area and this had encouraged us to gather as a church. We have a large courtyard and the three church services we have had so far in the open air were like a real celebration. Prayers were flowing like a river. We sang from our hearts and the preaching was very good.

I was able to take care of my older brothers and sisters. I could drive to all the villages where we have a mission point and meet people that I hadn’t seen for two month.

The strawberries are ripening in my garden. I share them with my neighbors, with needy families, with children and other people. Many come to buy strawberries, so I have the opportunity to talk to them about this spiritual implications of the pandemic. I assured them that God is Sovereign and Christ is Master over the forces of nature and the leaders of this world.

I passed out 600 gospel tracts to people I met on the street or visited at home. I also cared for widows and the disabled people in our community.

I trust God’s grace and pray that more people would receive it these days. According to Romans 9:16, God’s mercy is the decisive factor in election. That’s why I say we need to pray, both personally and in groups. After coming down from the Mount of Olives, all those who saw the Lord ascend up into heaven, went to the upper room and “they all joined together constantly in prayer” (Acts 1:14). We don’t know what they prayed for or what they asked for. But we know that they all focused on the same prayer requests. This is the main need of the church nowadays. This will bring revival to our communities. This is what we have experienced in the last two weeks. I hope that this will be something strong that lasts for a long time.

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Water in Dry Places

Water in Dry Places