I am going to be traveling to South India again this month, and I would greatly covet your prayers for this trip. I will be traveling with two close friends (Justin and Jeff), and we are planning to hold a 3-day pastors conference for approximately 80 pastors. The theme for our conference is “The Attributes of God in the Gospel,” and we are each planning to preach 4 times. Here are the topics we’re planning to cover (speaker in parentheses):

  1. The Holiness of God (Jeff)
  2. The Sovereignty of God (Justin)
  3. The Wisdom of God (Kris)
  4. The Tri-unity of God (Jeff)
  5. The Faithfulness of God (Justin)
  6. The Patience of God (Kris)
  7. The Humility of God (Jeff)
  8. The Grace of God (Justin)
  9. The Justice and Righteousness of God (Kris)
  10. The Wrath of God (Jeff)
  11. The Love of God (Justin)
  12. The Glory of God (Kris)

I am also going to be meeting with the director of another ministry to discuss a potential partnership between HeartCry and this ministry for the spread of the gospel in India.

Here are some specific ways you can pray for us on this trip:

  • Pray for wisdom and the Lord’s clear leading in our discussions with the other ministry
  • Pray for God’s Word to go forth with power, conviction, and clarity during the conference, and for the Lord Jesus Christ to be exalted in glory
  • Pray for edifying discussions and fellowship with the pastors who will be attending the conference
  • Pray against the attacks of the enemy and other obstacles that could hinder the mission of this trip (sickness, delayed flights, team disunity, etc.)
  • Pray for fruitful talks with our missionary leaders in South India regarding our future work and partnership together

Here is our trip schedule:

  • May 13-14: Depart from US; Travel
  • May 15-18: Arrive in India; Meetings with other ministry
  • May 19: Fly to another city; evening church service (Justin preaching)
  • May 20-22: Pastors conference
  • May 23: Meet with South India leaders; Depart for US
  • May 24: Arrive in US

Thank you in advance for your prayers, as it is always a blessing to have others who are willing to hold the rope for us as we seek to take the true gospel to India and strengthen Christ’s church there!

In Him,