Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

In the month of August, I will be making a trip to visit HeartCry missionaries in Southeast Asia and India.

On August 5th, I will arrive at the home of Matt G., a church planter and HeartCry’s coordinator for Southeast Asia. For the next five days we will travel throughout Southeast Asia to spend time with HeartCry missionaries scattered throughout the region. Please pray that the time would be fruitful for all and that many encouraging stories and ministry updates would be gathered to share with the church in the West. Continue to pray for these persecuted brothers and sisters who are dependent on us to “hold the rope” as they take the Gospel to the nations.

Beginning August 12th, HeartCry will host a four-day conference for pastors, church planters, and evangelists in North India. The conference speaker will be Bro. John Abrahms, who lives and ministers overseas with his wife. Please pray for his wife’s current health problems, which may prevent him from being able to travel and preach at the conference. In addition to the conference, there will be plenty of opportunity to spend time with the missionaries, as well as the three young men who are currently interning with the church. Pray for these young interns, the missionaries, and this church which longs to see God overcome the opposition of false religions and make a lasting impact in India for Christ.

Next there will be a three-day conference in the mountains of North India. Again, please plead with God on behalf of our Brother John Abrahm’s wife, for a swift and full recovery which will allow them both to fulfill the ministries to which God has called them. Pray also for all of these dear village pastors who have forsaken all for the sake of Christ. May God grant them power and strength to see the Gospel advance mightily!

Your brother,