In Constantin Gheoanca’s report last month, he shares the following about the Bodnariu family, who according to World magazine had their children taken from them. The magazine reports:  

“When Marius and Ruth Bodnariu sent their daughters off to school one day last fall, they had no idea they would not come home. And they certainly never imagined their three sons would also be gone before the next sundown—all five children seized by the Norwegian government because of their parents’ Christian beliefs.”

Costel Ghiopanca says that he and his church engaged in a peaceful protest for the support of the Bodnariu family:

“As I wrote in the previous reports, the Bodnariu family, who is residing in Norway, lost their children as they have been taken by the State. On January 9th, our church was involved in a peaceful protest for supporting this family and pleading for the reunification with their children. I believe that we need to stand with our brothers and sisters, even from other places in the world, and I am glad that most of our members have been filled with compassion for this family.”

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