Eastern European coordinator Sorin Prodan has been limited in ministry this past month due to hernia surgery.  In his latest report he shares:

Dear HeartCry family and supporters, 

I send you greetings from Romania, as the winter comes to the end. It is still unusually cold here, which is a concern for some people that are much into climate changes, or look into this as a sign of the last days.Our effort for the proclamation of the Gospel, and discipleship for the saints continued. Our church in Brasov is growing in maturity and in service toward the lost. Our focus is on sound proclamation of the Word for the saints, and of the Gospel both to believers and unbelievers. I personally preach through the book of Luke, being complemented by other brothers on various themes.

Our ministry among the street people is also in good progress. One of the men that was saved is now in charge with the direction of this ministry. We have a meeting every Sunday with the street people in a strategic location situated downtown, then some of them join the service from 2 p.m. Yes, our Sunday service is at 2 p.m., and we’re still waiting for the paper work for the new building. It takes so long to have the authorization to function as a church in the new builing! Please, pray for the institutions responsible to do this job, so we make progress in this regard.

The ministry of evangelism continued with outreaches in the downtown area, and the Avantgarden district, where we are in process of planting a new church. We have a team that go out a few times a week in the area of the new building, to share with the neigbours. It is a blessing to make known that we serve the Saviour, and we are committed to preach the glorious Gospel that was entrusted to us.

As a result of our evangelistic endeavour, we had some new visitors in our church. A family began to attend, and seems interested to be joining our church. We also pray for a lady that seems to began to understand the Gospel call. She’s been attending the church for quite a while, but we always felt like there was a lack of understanding the basics of the Gospel. Pray for this lady, so that she will come to the full undersdanting of the Gospel.

Concernign the construction of the HeartCry Centre we focus now of the couryard, and painting the stairway. We also have to furnish a few rooms that are designed to serve as accomodation for the teachers and students that will come for training. We are hindered of a few things to bring this project to an end, so please pray that things will go faster, and we will be able to see the final paper work issued, and we will be able to start our services in the new location.

Pray also for my health, as the recovery from the hernia surgery is quite slow. I am not able to do much, so I am in a time of focusing on spiritual growth.

We are deeply thankful to our God for your prayers, and support that enables us to continue to serve the Gospel in this part of the world.

In Christ,