Please pray for Sorin Prodan.  Amid the demands of so many areas of ministry, he strives to maintain his walk of worship and properly minister to his family.  At the moment, he is overseeing two important building projects of the HeartCry Training Center and his own home. Sorin provides us with a brief window into his present itinerary in the following report; 

The Lord is faithful to His promise that He will build His church! We are thankful to see encouraging results in the advancement of His Kingdom in Romania and Eastern Europe. Month by month, we testify about the grace that abounds in our evangelism, preaching, discipleship, mercy ministry, and other forms of ministry.

July was an intense month in terms of mission work. The first highlight of the month that I want to share is the Family Camp for disabled people. Our church is part of a partnership of churches and organizations that are involved in the ministry with disabled people in the county of Brasov. This year we had another camp for 25 disabled children and adults, and their family members. We do this ministry in partnership with Jony & Friends, who supply resources, and some finances for the camp. For almost a week, we ministered to people in deep suffering, and pain bringing them a new perspective for their situation. We presented them the Gospel in various ways, and some of them seemed to be deeply touched. We established strong relationships with them, and continue to minister to them, as we visit them at home, and organize different activities. This is one way to reach people that are mostly isolated and marginalized.

After the Family Camp, we had a second major event related to the disability problem, namely the wheel chair distribution. We had another team coming at the end of July for a week in order to help disabled people that need mobility equipment. We had close to 200 people that came to receive a wheel chair, or crutches, or other type of equipment that is critically needed for some of them who are so poor that canot afford to buy this kind of equipment. Each person, along with the family, after getting a wheel chair or other piece of equipment had a time of counseling, which was basically the time when we shared the Gospel. Each one of them received Jony’s biography, and a Bible. Some were deeply moved with the help and the messages, while others have just been thankful. This ministry has now been taking place for more than five years. As a result, we came to be well known in the city, and the surrounding towns for helping these needy people.

Our church is doing well. We are about to have two weddings and a baptism. Another man who was on the streets made his decision to follow Christ. We have ministered him for almost two years. His name is Virgil. He was on the streets for many years, and we met him when he was in a critical stage. We took him and gave him shelter and food, but after a few months, he left. We thought he would never return as he stole some things when he ran away.  But surprisingly, he returned, and repented of his sin. Then he began to seek the Lord and become serious about spiritual things. He got a job while pressing on in seeking Christ. He had a few failings, but we have seen how he grows in faith.  In August, we will baptize him, and disciple him in the context of our church.

Our church continues to reach out people in the city and its surroundings. One of our team members led a medical project where our church was involved. We had over 100 people in Bravov city that came to be consulted, receive medicine or reading glasses, or have a tooth extracted. We ministered to not only the needs of their bodies, but also their souls. The medical team has been involved in a number of villages around Brasov, and we concluded that the Gospel has been proclaimed to close to 1,000 people during this week. It is an amazing way to help the people both in their physical problems, but also the spiritual needs.

We also did an outreach in the central square of Brasov where an evangelist preached the Gospel and some of our believers distributed Gospel tracts to the people that were in the plaza. Out of all these forms of evangelism, we have people coming to our church and the Savior.

Continue to pray for us as we serve the ministry of the Gospel in our city of Brasov, the country of Romania, and the continent of Europe.

With love,

Sorin Prodan