Dear Friends,

We are back in Sentani, Indonesia for several weeks. While in Sentani, I am recording my translation work at the SIL Center.

We have an urgent prayer need. The 280 solar recorders shipped from Singapore two weeks ago, however, I have only received one of the two boxes that were sent. This means that 140 recorders are still out there somewhere, and they were marked as delivered. I have received 160 of the 300 that were paid for two months ago. Please pray that the other recorders are in my hands this week. We are still talking with the shipping company to determine where the other package might be. As of right now, there is still no answer.

We will be in Sentani for a few weeks before heading back the interior jungle. I am preaching a couple of times here in Sentani. Plus, I need to record my translation and upload that to all the recorders. My goal is to give out these recorders to 8 different Korowai villages in September. Pray for other translation efforts I want to do this coming year. I still need to finish translating the literacy books and have them printed. We also are translating some helpful teaching literature for the Korowai believers. Pray for all of these efforts. 

We are also starting up our daily Salvation History teaching upon our return to Danowage. We have three new students that want to enter the course along with the other believers that are there. Pray for these young men. I will be sending photos and names soon!

When I go to another Korowai village, I never go alone. We always go as a team. In July, Jimmy & Perin went with me to 2 southern Korowai villages. We are very thankful for Helivida. A 10-hour hike is only 12 minutes by helicopter. I went to pass out some translation material and check on the sick. These villages were out of medicine and still have no health care. We saw TB, Filariasis, Malaria, and many other infections. We are very thankful to have the means to visit these villages every month to teach and treat the people.

I spent four-week teaching through the Gospel of John. I plan to continue in John this year. I wanted to make sure they understood the importance of the Trinity. Without the Trinity, there is no Gospel. We had a false teacher come in several weeks ago telling the people that the Father and Holy Spirit do not exist. Also, she told the people not to listen to the evangelists or us, and not to worship on Sunday. She passed out food to the people and persuaded several to follow her. I made it clear day after day she was a false teacher and cared nothing for the Korowai people. Pray she is blocked from coming back into the Korowai area.

Sincerely, Paul Snider