Moise Marin

Moise Marian has been an epistle of perseverance during a prolonged season of sickness. Although oppressive by the effects of cancer, he continues to care for his people as pastor of O Del Si Amenca Church in Bucharest, Romania.   In his recent report he shared such expressions as “I struggle against my sickness”, “please pray for my health” and “the results of my medical tests were not good this month.” In a state of great discomfort he relates how his ministry continues in the midst of suffering:

I carried on my personal evangelism ministry in April, trying to approach adults and young people. I managed to speak with children, young people and adults. I also distributed evangelistic materials. I did this in three different places, Colentina, Hala Traian and Mama India. People were more receptive this time, because it was before Easter. Some people rejected me, but this didn’t stop me from continuing my evangelistic activity.

I talked to several adults in Hala Traian. One of them was an eighty year old man. I had tried to talk to him two times before and each time he rejected me. Now he told me he didn’t want to change his religion. And I told him I only wanted him to accept the Lord Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior. I prayed with him and he received the Lord Jesus. He said he would also come to church. I had six similar cases this month.

I also talked to teenagers and gave them children’s bibles. I wanted to have a Bible lesson on Easter with them, so I invited them to church in Hala Traian. I had an evangelistic lesson with them on Easter when we prayed together and had other activities. They said they intended to share with their parents what I taught to them.

I approached several young people in Colentina and invited to the church courtyard where I offered them Bibles. I also reached several children with the gospel. They told me they had heard from other children that they had received Bibles and they also wanted one. I did a Bible lesson with them and other activities as well. I gave them the Bibles to take home so they could read them with their parents. I shared these things with several sisters from the church and we prayed together for these children.

I carried on my evangelistic program in Mama India neighborhood. I talked to several people there. The people are very poor in this neighborhood, but they confessed that they wanted to get closer to God. I prayed with them and organized evangelistic events for the children and young people. I met with them again in our chapel and conducted a Bible lesson about the Lord’s crucifixion. These children can’t read so I gave them coloring pages in order to help them remember what we had learned.

During Holy Week, I tried to get closer to the people to talk to them. I managed to pass out 22 New Testaments, 13 Children’s Bibles and two Bibles for adults. We celebrated Easter and had worship services in Hala Traian and Colentina. We also had the Lord’s Supper.

We had a meeting with the HeartCry missionaries. We prayed together and made evangelistic plans. In May, we’re going to have an evangelistic outreach in my mission area. Whereas in June, we have planned an evangelistic outreach in another missionary’s area. Our plan for July and September is to be in two other regions with different missionaries. We pray that the Lord would bless these evangelistic outreaches.