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This last month, God has been lifting me up by His grace, and I have been learning a great deal about the value of gathering together as a church. After the pandemic, I realized more deeply how important it is for believers to gather together in fellowship and worship God. Unfortunately, after the authorities gave the permission to re-open everything, the situation with Covid 19 became worse and we had to return to holding services online. It is very sad, but we are trying to do the best to keep everyone safe.  

Xhevat In Kosovo
Xhevat and Tina Bytyqi
Missionaries in Kosovo

The situation with Covid 19 in Kosovo is very bad. It has one of the highest death tolls for smaller countries. Please pray for our country. The economy is going down, many businesses have crashed, and many people have lost their jobs. Also, many people have lost their loved ones. Pray for the leaders to make wise decisions on how to act during this difficult time for our country.  

As believers, we can only meet in groups of five. However, our greatest concern is for our outreach to the lost children in our town. We have not been able to hold any meetings since the shutdown in March. All of the children come from families who are not believers and from an Islamic background. I ask you to pray for these children so that during this time they will be able to remember what they have been learning in the church and that God will protect them and their families from the virus. 

During this last month, the Muslims celebrated the Sacrifice Eid. This gave me the opportunity to talk with my uncle about the gospel and the sacrifice of the lamb. I explained to him the story of Abraham and how it pointed to Christ. The members of my uncle’s family are not zealous followers of Islam and they listened carefully to my explanation. Please pray that my family and my uncle’s family come to Christ. Pray that God will touch their hearts and will bring them to Him.

As a church we are growing in Christ and we are praying that God will raise up more people who can work for the church. There are only a few believers in my city of Malisheva and almost everyone else is Muslim. We need laborers from the harvest here and for all the surrounding villages that have no Christian presence. Because of this, we are always praying that God will increase the workers in the harvest.


  • Pray that God will save many people from Malisheva and that the church of God to grow here.
  • Pray that we will deeply obey God and that the church will know Him better every day.
  • Pray that God will bring more people to work here in the Church. 
  • Pray for His glory to reign here above everything in our lives and in this city. -Pray for the situation with Covid -19 here in Kosovo.

Special Thanks from HeartCry:

Xhevat and his family were in need of transportation in order to minister in and around the city of Malisheva. Thank you for your giving, through which we were able to provide for this need.

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