Brothers and sisters,

I just wanted to give you a quick update and a couple of prayer requests. We safely traveled to, and finished our first conference in Cambodia. There were thirteen men in attendance in this conference. The men were very attentive and asked some simple, but pertinent questions. The heat was stifling during this time. It is supposed to be the beginning of the rainy season, but no rain has fallen. This has had a negative affect on the rice crops. Please pray that the Lord will use this meeting to further advance His kingdom, and that this dry and thirsty land would experience a physical and spiritual outpouring from the Lord’s hand.

Please pray for the Lord to have His way in this conference, and our time together with these men will be fruitful. The second conference begins tomorrow. In the mean time, we have been able to meet with several of the men today. Pictured here (from left to right) are HeartCry missionary Chhinho S., Brother Wei from Singapore, HeartCry coordinator for Southeast Asia Matt G., and a pastor from Vietnam. This Vietnamese brother displays a Christ-like character, is doctrinal sound, and has a zealous burden to have solid resources translated into Vietnamese. He is currently translating the series on ecclesiology by 9Marks ministry. However, his wife had a stroke last year and he is the primary caretaker. Thus, he is limited in his time he can give towards these translations.