Peace to you! May our Lord pour His abundant grace and mercy on you and enlarge your love for Him and His own glory! 

Unfortunately, right around Christmas time, our church suddenly lost our rented meeting place for gatherings. As a result, three families within the church have agreed to take turns hosting our services in their apartments. It is hard for the whole church to fit, but the atmosphere is friendly.

However, this is not a long-term possibility, mainly because we are now unable to conduct our evangelism outreach services that we had planned. People are scared to come to the apartment, as they view us as a sect; but we have not yet been able to find another place to rent. We need a public place to gather. Please join us in praying that the Lord would move in such a way that a suitable facility will become available for us to rent in the city.

I continue preaching from chosen texts about Christ on Sundays. We are about to finish Romans in our Bible study groups, and we continue our training classes for the church on how to preach and share the Gospel in evangelism. Our outreach ministry to deaf people continues to go well also.

Despite the fact that we could not have our planned evangelism outreach services, the brothers and sisters continue to share the Gospel as they go. Pray for the Lord to bless the conversations of every church member with unbelieving friends and relatives and strangers.

By God’s grace everything is going well with my wife and children. We enjoy time together as a family, especially during the cold winter season. Unfortunately my mother is still sick. Her health is getting worse and her pain is growing. It is evident that the doctors cannot help, and it is very hard to see her suffering. I ask you to pray for her repentance and for the Lord to have mercy on her. I truly thank you for all your help and care for us once again!

Points for prayer:

  • For the church gatherings and the opportunity to rent a suitable place
  • For the spiritual growth of our church and the evangelism ministry
  • For the Lord to save and add people to our church
  • For my mother – her health and repentance