Quinton Preaching Feature

If you watched our last “Missions Monday” from Africa, you heard about what seems to be the remarkable conversion of a gang leader in Mario and Quinton’s community. Christ’s kingdom is advancing in Belleville South, and we should not be surprised when the forces of darkness oppose it. We must also be vigilant to maintain prayer support for these men fighting on the front lines and engaging the darkness with Gospel light. 

On Sunday I received the message below from Mario:

“Here is a photo of Quinton preaching today on the Great White Throne Judgement in front of our church building. Just about an hour before this, Quinton and Theo were caught in the middle of a gang fight on our premises. Men with hammers and bricks and all sorts of make-shift weapons came from both sides fighting. 

They had to man-handle a few and fortunately were not harmed, but they were able to disperse the two gangs. Theo was able to prevent two men from drawing their guns. Please pray for us and thank God for His protection over Quinton and Theo.”

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Mario added, in another message, that some gang members came back later and were threatening Quinton as he preached. Mario and some other men in the church had to keep a close watch on the crowd. They constantly live and minister in this context, but the situation felt volatile enough to concern them. If they are faithful in the face of real danger, let us be faithful in lifting them before the Father’s throne.