Chris Students

Chris Mnguni is planting a church in Daveyton, a township of Johannesburg, South Africa. In recent reports, he has mentioned feeling chronic fatigue after several years of hard church-planting work. It was encouraging to read in his last report of practical steps his family is taking to feel better. Equally encouraging is the life-changing work God is doing through Chris even in his weakness. He writes:

Personal Health

“Our little family is doing well by the grace of God. We are grateful to God for the practical wisdom He has given to manage the fatigue we’ve been experiencing. We’ve started paying closer attention to exercise and my wife has drastically changed our diet to a low-carb and low-sugar diet. This seems to be helping a lot and we are planning to commit to it long term.

Spiritually we are also grateful for our personal time of prayer, which is where the Lord has been bringing strength and encouragement to us. My wife, Happy, is also great in helping me identify patterns that lead to being overworked and tired. Please pray that the Lord may grant me the humility to listen to her whenever she observes that I’m overworking myself or over-committing to things, because I usually don’t even realize I am doing so.

Planting Gospel Seeds

As a result, I’ve cut back on some of the more intense ministry activities, like the morning preaching at the medical clinics. I have reduced my number of preaching days, since I felt it’s one of the activities that was taking a toll on my body.

Medical Clinic Ministry
Interestingly enough, even when the weak bodies of mortal man fail, the mighty hand of God continues to move. In my recent preaching at the clinic, one old lady responded to the gospel message. She signaled that she would like to speak to me before I left. She told me that she goes to a cult ‘church’ and when I was sharing the gospel she realized how lost she is and how much she needs the Savior. I then requested her contact number, but she didn’t have a phone. She then asked her husband to give me his phone number. The husband was very unhappy and skeptical.

After a few follow-up visits at their home, the Lord used sickness in the husband’s life to get his attention. We were there to help them go to the hospital. The husband was broken by the way we served him, and promised his wife that he will come to church with her. They have both started attending our church for the past month now. They’ve even invited another elderly couple, friend of theirs, to attend our church.

School Counseling Ministry
The Lord has opened another unique opportunity in one of the schools where I have been preaching in school assemblies. Now, on Mondays, I get to be at the school and serve as a counselor. The school has assigned me an office, where they direct all the learners who need counseling and guidance to me. They bring problematic students in class, students addicted to drugs, and students having problems at home to talk with me.

Some students also come voluntary to share their problems. This opportunity has helped me to reach the students and teachers better, allowing me to share the gospel with them one on one. Often they engage me and ask questions, which has proven a very effective means of applying the gospel to their troubles.

In one of our sessions, the principal came to my office with 6 girls who were apparently fighting after school. I spoke with them, showing that the root of their problem was their evil hearts. They didn’t believe that their hearts were wicked. After I explained how sinful the heart of man is, they realized that they were not just sinning against each other, but they were sinning against God who created them. They’ve asked forgiveness of each other. But my prayer and hope is that they will entrust their lives to Jesus who can give them a new heart.”