Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, greetings in Christ Name. We are doing well here, because of your prayers and by God’s grace.

Praise be to God for healing of my son Abhinav (3 years old), who had got fractured in his hand while walking around our house. Praise be to God, for sustaining and encouraging us through His Word. We just thank God, because He gives us grace to live and to feed upon his Word.

Thank God, that God has protected us during the heavy rains and landslides. The Church is growing in the Lord, because they read the Word, pray, have fellowship, and listen to godly music.

Prayer points: Please pray for Laliya and his family as they lost their 17 year old son. He was struck down by a Mule in the village while working. It is the family that has given us space in their home, to worship and hold meetings on other days. Please pray for comfort and peace.

Please pray for the villages where we work as the believers face opposition from their families and the society in general. People are very rigid and look at us with suspicion.

Remember to pray for the villages around, they are so many, and we can’t reach them all alone. Pray for more workers.

Please pray for my both little kids and my wife’s healing, got some problem in her uterus.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Bro. Philip K.